Thursday, September 1, 2011

From the Crown of Your Head

Psalms 115:15

May you be blessed by the Lord,
the maker of heaven and earth.

I follow a lot of blogs. And the majority of the blogs I follow are written women who consider themselves infertile.

I follow these ladies on the journey which is this season of life. The season that they long for motherhood, but it seems so heart-wrenchingly just out of their reach.

I read the blogs of women who have suffered countless failed IUIs and IVFs. Women who have suffered a heart-stabbing number of miscarriages, and even women who have suffered still births.

I read the blogs of women who are finally pregnant. The thing they've hoped for, prayed for, and even dedicated a blog to has finally happened. Yet, every post on their blog smacks of insecurity, disbelief, hopelessness, fear, turmoil and depression.

And my heart bleeds for them. I, as the mother of two, can not imagine their agony and/or pain. While I can not empathize, I certainly do sympathize. And I pray. I pray long, hard and fervently that these women will be able to experience joy in the land of living. I pray and hope that each of them is blessed from the crown of their heads, to the soles of their feet. I pray that everything they touch will be forever changed just from their presence and essence. I pray that their prayers will be answered.

I pray.

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