Monday, September 26, 2011

The Good Life

1 John 5:12
He who has the Son has life;
he who does not have the Son of God
does not have life.

     I have to admit, while everything is certainly not perfect in my life, I find it hard to complain. I mean, I have a loving, compassionate, caring, hard-working, tall, dark, handsome, hilarious, semi-sensitive, and all around nice guy as a husband.
     My teenage daughter has been known to give me the fits. She's at times varying levels of bossy, unappreciative, intolerant, messy, selfish, spoiled, entitled, dramatic, hormonal, bad mannered and attitudinal. However, for all of her annoying and problematic ways, she's a good girl. She's never given me one ounce of stress with fastness, sneakiness, lying, slickness, untrustworthiness, or anything like that. She spends the night with friends I'm able to be 100% sure that she's with the friends...and not with some saggy-pants, kinky-headed, white-t shirt wearing thug (or even a nice boy, who wears a letterman's jacket from his high school). I drop her off at school each morning, with no fear that she's leaving out the back door as soon as I pull off (hey, I went to public high school in the city, this was a real and frequent occurrence). Since the arrival of K2.0, and her subsequent "no holds-barred" introduction to wonderful life of having a baby in the house, I am POSITIVE that I have helped invent the first fool-proof method of teenage birth-control. K, for all intents and purposes is a good girl. She's the teenage a lot of parents would kill to have. But sorry, I'm keeping her for myself.

     The boy (K2.0) is soooooo mischievous. Granted, K was a FREAKISHLY well-behaved baby, but I have NEVER known or seen a baby get into as much stuff as this child does. My living room is a series of maze and obstacle courses, all designed to discourage K2.0 from A.) getting to blinds and tearing them down B.) Crawling into the dining room and finding some stray piece of food that I just KNOW will end up being a hoking hazard or C.) Crawling into the few spaces of the house that I let people wear street shoes, thereby exposing him to some incurable fungi or bacteria. But K2.0 is determined. He won't let a little obstacle course or maze stop him from attaining his goal. 20 times a day, I'm up retrieving 2.0 from the area in which the blinds are located. 5 times a day, I'm coaxing away from the dining room. He wears me out! And how come a baby that has yet figured out that he has to remove his pacifier from his mouth, BEFORE he can insert his bottle, has the cunning to work his way through obstacle courses?? I still can't figure that one out. But when he has finally had his fill of mischief, he will wander over and entertain me by clapping his hands, grabbing my face in his hands while planting a big, WET kiss on my mouth or climbing into my arms and resting his head on my ample cleavage. He's such a sweetie, that it's almost impossible to stay mad at him...ALMOST!

     I love my family...small, though we might be. I have enjoyed this month of September with them. It has included family birthday dinners, BBQs, apple picking, college open houses, parent-teacher night, shopping malls, uproarious laughter, embarrassing mishaps, group hugs, and prayers for good health and safety.

     Dear God, I'm so glad this family and these experiences are mine.

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