Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Practical Believer

James 2:17

Thus also faith by itself,
if it does not have works,
is dead.

    So, I've been very blessed, as I have walked out my Christian life, to have sat under and learned from some wonderful men of the cloth. Men who have decided that in order for them to "rightly divide the word of God", they needed to make the word practical. - Personally, I'm convinced that often, when Christians lose their fervor for the bible and biblical teaching, it's because they don't understand how something that was written so long ago, could have use in their current life. But I have found that the right teachers, will make sure that you understand how to practically apply the bible, and Christianity into your everyday life, in a real, meaningful and results-producing way.

     I, myself, am a VERY practical believer/Christian. When I'm faced with a dilemma, I don't ask myself WWJD (what would Jesus do)? I pretty much know what Jesus would do (it's usually the OPPOSITE of what my flesh is telling me to do. LOL). But I'm not Jesus. So, I have to ask myself, "Self, how can Mrs. Mocha handle this situation in a way that would be pleasing to Jesus, and would also be practical?" I'm like, the Queen of trying to keep things practical, and break them down so far, that I can explain the principle to my teenage daughter without losing her attention, boring or overwhelming her.

     My method includes reminding myself that God is my heavenly parent (Father), while I am K and K2.0's earthly parent. So, in the same way that I love and adore them (but EVEN more), God loves and adores me. In the same way that their smallest success makes my heart swell with joy & pride, God's heart swells with joy & pride in my success. The same way that I'm amazed and super pleased when K repeats back to me, a principle that I have been drilling into her since she was little (and all those times, I thought she wasn't listening to me) , God is super pleased and amazed when I show Him that I "get it."

     By the same token, when K makes me angry enough to physically knock her head off of her shoulders, I'm reminded of all of the times I have spurred God's anger, yet He showed me mercy and offered me grace. And the times that I consider letting her slide on infractions, I'm reminded that God disciplines who He loves.

     This brings me to my current dilemma (and trust...I always have a dilemma).

     I read so much, and hear so much about the things that people (women) have done on the path to getting pregnant. I read the testimonies for P.re-S.eed. I read about the benefits of v.itrex and Even.ing Pr.imrose Oil and eating pineapple core. And taking Green Tea capsules. And Fer.tile Aid. - I wonder about investing. I'm a bible believing Christian, so I can't help but think to myself, "Mrs. Mocha, you might need to invest in some of this stuff. Faith without works is dead." 

     This is the dilemma. To invest in "aids" or not. For some TTCers, this is a NON question. And I understand that. Whatever products can help their cause are fair-game. They are fully supplied with everything they will "need" to achieve their goal of becoming pregnant. For me...it's just not that easy. I have to review this scenario as an "earthly" parent v/s my "heavenly" parent.

     Scenario: I say to my daughter on Monday, "K, I promise that at 2pm on Saturday, I'm going to take you to the mall and buy you a new dress and matching shoes."

     Her response #1:
     On Tuesday, she goes out and rakes some leaves for the neighbor. When he pays her, she deposits the money into my bank account.
     On Wednesday, she lands a babysitting job. She deposits her payments into my bank account.
     On Thursday, she skips lunch at school and deposits the money into my bank account.
     On Friday, she mows a few lawns on the block and deposits the money into my bank account.
     On Saturday, at 2pm, she's returning a neighbor's dog, after taking it on a walk to make more cash. She doesn't get back home until 3:30pm.

     Her response #2:
     On Tuesday, she comes home from school, and cleans her room.
     On Wednesday, she vacuums the living room.
     On Thursday, she loads the dishwasher after dinner.
     On Friday, she separates her laundry.
     On Saturday, at 2pm, her clothes are still in the dryer, and won't be completely dry for another half an hour.

     Her response #3:
     On Tuesday, she comes home from school, eats chips & leaves the empty bag on the coffee table.
     On Wednesday, she has an attitude and spends all evening in her bedroom, texting.
     On Thursday, she ignores the dirt on the carpet and does not vacuum.
     On Friday, she asks for $10 to attend a school football game.
     On Saturday, at 2pm, she's showered, dressed and ready to go to the mall to get the dress.

     I ask myself, which one is the "faithful" response? As much as I hate to admit it, #3 is the most faithful response. - My daughter knows that if I promised to take her shopping at 2pm, on Saturday, then regardless of if she cleans her room or not, has money or not...she's going to the mall at 2pm on Saturday. She trusts that my promises are real. And that I won't "bait & switch" her at the last minute, like, "well, I decided that I didn't like your attitude on Wednesday, so now we're not going." She knows that my promises aren't contingent on her bringing anything to the table.

     She displayed her faith, by continuing to be the same "K" that she always is all week long, knowing that would have NO bearing on the promise. She displayed her works, by getting up, showering, getting dressed, and being ready to receive my promise at the allotted time. She was "in position" (if you will) to receive the promise, even though, some would argue whether she "deserved" it or not.

     As I was writing this...I promise I JUST got this principle. I'm about to take a "shout" break and do a "Holy Ghost" dance. I'm literally crying at the revelation!!!! God is so good. This whole thing has been eating me up, as of late. I have really felt like I have not been "doing enough" to get pregnant. - That's why the bible says, "That the works are "works of faith" - It makes SO much sense, now!!!!! I don't have to DO extra stuff. God's promise is ENOUGH.

     I was going someplace different with this post, but Since the Lord has spoken, and revealed to me the answer to my prayer...I will close this post now.

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