Tuesday, November 8, 2011

39 Days of Worship ~ Another Chance

Psalm 30:2
God, my God, I yelled for help and you put me together.
God, you pulled me out of the grave,
gave me another chance at life when I was down-and-out.

     I like to think of myself as an open-minded person, although I realize that's not always true. I mean, a single girl really can't tell me too much about being married (especially since I've been married for 15 years), nor do I go around espousing advice about how to raise multiples, when I was the mother of an only child for 15 years. Then there's the fact that you could never pay me enough money to eat pork and I (get ready to be shocked) believe that corporal punishment is acceptable and sometimes mandatory (depending on the child in question). So, there are some things that I am decidedly not open to. But generally, I work really hard not to color things simply black or white. Good or bad. Intelligent or stupid. And so on. I try to see things from other's points of  view, and be...well open-minded.

     I started considering my own willingness to give things (and people) several chances as I sipped a cup of coffee this morning. Now, I don't like coffee. I LOVE the smell of coffee, but the taste...uhm, not a fan. I have at various times in my life attempted to become a coffee drinker. I can remember days of being in S.eattle's B.est Coffee and pouring half of the contents of my cup out and replacing them with cream, then adding no less than 10 sugar packets. I can remember days of doing the same exact thing the with coffee from C.aribou Coff.ee and St.arbuck's as well. Coffee just isn't my thing.

     Still, for some reason that didn't stop me from making a pit stop this morning to pick up a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I don't know what I expected to taste, other than "pumpkin spice." I guess I conveniently pushed the idea that a "latte" was a coffee product from my mind. As I took the first sip, I chuckled.  Mrs. Mocha, when are you ever gonna learn? I asked myself.

      But there I was, sipping the latte and giving coffee yet "another chance." Then I started to thank God that I'm the type of person who will give things and people "one more chance." I'm thankful that one bad go-round doesn't necessarily write a situation off in my book. If God wasn't the God of a 2nd chance, where would I be? I don't even wanna think about that. So, I thank God for the spirit of "another chance." I thank Him for of all of the one more chances in my life. If I thought back over my life, I probably couldn't even recollect how many times that "another chance" has given me a FABULOUS opportunity. Or how many times, people have had to give me "another chance."

     Thank you Lord that in Your all knowingness, You understood that first impressions wouldn't always paint a correct portrait of a person, thing or situation. Thank You that for those very instances You created the "second chance."

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