Tuesday, October 23, 2012


July 20, 2012

     So, here's the thing that I discovered about IVF...it's very similar to motherhood. From the outside looking in, it looks like one thing, but when you're in it, you realize that's it's a totally different ballgame from the one you thought you'd be playing.

      IVF was something that I did not take seriously enough. I was very lackadaisical and reckless about the entire thing. I would watch Giuliana and bill and imagine the process, and read the blogs of the "road warriors" who had undergone 2, 3 and sometimes even more IVFs. I didn't think it would be a cakewalk, but I definitely didn't think it'd be the nightmarish trip to hell and back that it was. The high doses of insanity inducing hormones. The discomfort of a super bloated tummy. The intense gas pains. The mood-swings. The constant monitoring. The anxiety. The disappointment. The heartbreak of getting a less than favorable retrieval report. The gut-wrenching realization that you might have to do it all over again, if this cycle doesn't work. I think IVF is a wonderful, life-altering, blessed, God-given gift. I'm so grateful that this option was available to me and the hubby. I'm glad I was able to experience IVF, and that I might be an inspiration to others though this process. However, I really hated IVF. It was HARD. I pray that I never have to do it, again.

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