Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting To The Good Part

July 20, 2012

     I had my ET today. Compared to the ER portion of IVF, the transfer was FABULOUS!!!!

     The Dr who did my transfer was so nice, and personable. She was young, but very skilled. The nurses who took care of me, really took good care of me. They were my advocates in the operating room. They guided me, and lead me so that I had a really fantastic transfer experience.

     I love classical music, and the Dr. played some beautiful music during the procedure. It was a combo classical/zen/nature inspired thing, that completely relaxed me. While I was there, with my legs in the stirrups, my bladder threatening to burst, my lovely lady parts exposed, and my future child resting in a petri dish, I felt the presence of the Lord. So, I prayed. And I thanked the Lord for creating life all by Himself. I thanked Him for being with the teenagers who unknowingly created life in the backseats of cars, and behind bleachers after home games, and on top of piles of coats at house parties, and in empty stairwells. I thanked the Lord for being with the couples who created life in hotel rooms in Europe while on vacation, and on the couch, and on the breakfast table, and in their bedrooms, and everywhere on earth that people come together and create life. And I thanked Him for being with me, although some people would work to convince me otherwise. I know the Lord was with me. Blessing me. Holding me. Understanding me. Knowing my innermost thoughts. Having mercy on me. Covering me. Loving me.

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