Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm Thinking...Three

June 28, 2012

     So, I know I haven't been the most regular of bloggers. And I have any number of excuses for that. Starting with K's prom, her high school graduation, and her impending move to Virginia for college. In the midst of all of this, I have been preparing for IVF #1. Now that, is something that I have been VERY reluctant to blog about...mainly because of fear of failure.

     Anyway, I'll end the BCPs in two days. I go for my baseline next Thursday. I'll probably start my stims that day, as well. Then, I'll be off to the races.

     My RE's office already informed for me that for my age-group, my insurance will allow me to put back as many as 5 embryos. That number made me heart race. I'm not at all interested in putting back 5. But it is something that I've given a lot of thought. My husband only wants to put back one, but me? I'm thinking that I wanna put back 3.

     We'll see if that stands. *smile*


  1. Oh wow! What a big step! I'm so excited that you've started the process. Three sounds like a good number to me, too ;-)